What Others Are Saying

  1. Ralf

    I totally agree with all those who praise "The Color of Mummy" - this is a real masterpiece! Everything is so carefully fabricated and nicely decorated. It's even fun to only look at these props. And I immediately fell in love with this storage box - it's so ingeniously constructed :-)
    I greatly appreciate your work

  2. Brian

    I know it's one of the more simple tricks, but I have been having some of the most fun with it here at work.

    Yesterday, I took it to a group of Analyst. These are folks that analyze medical data to determine our best rates, determine costs for our customers, and analyze trends to keep us profitable. Definitely one of the key areas in my company.

    I had 6 of them gathered around me, and performed the illusion with at least 3 of them. Each time, they immediately asked for a repeat, and I obliged.

    For each of them, to conclude the illusion, I put the chip in my pocket, and pulled out the purple chip... with a wrinkle.

    When I pulled the chip out of my pocket, I pulled the pocket inside out (like this photo - but only 1 pocket - http://eatnourishing.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/empty.jpg )

    Long story short, if you saw an uptick in sales yesterday of the ChipSwitch, it's because these guys really want to know how it's done.

  3. Landis

    I am not one who likes to wait, so when the email came in I wrestled with if I should order or not. Well, after 5 seconds pondering, I pushed the "add to cart" button and boy am I happy I did. The wait was worth it, The Color of Mummy is stunning!
    Awesome job Kent! eh!

  4. matt d.
    matt d.

    Steven & Petra L. ,before me, said almost all that I wanted to say. The Color Of Mummy is a "Pretty" piece & preforms so very well & smooth. Already had the chance to show it off and the response was what one would hope for. My "New Favorite" too. Okay KB, my challenge to you is to keep it rolling. MORE 3D MAGIC!

  5. Steven

    Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better, Kent comes out with THE COLOR OF MUMMY. I haven’t the words to properly describe just how sensational it really is...

    Absolutely fantastic in every way! Only a genius could create such magic!!

    A bonus miracle is the way he wraps the pieces so very carefully. Professional from beginning to end. Hard to believe actually!

    So, do yourself a favor and order one of these. While you are at it, order a couple more like SEREN-SNIP-ITY, ASTRA BALL, and/or any other. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

    Congrats to Kent on his latest masterpiece...