What Others Are Saying

  1. matt d.
    matt d.

    Steven & Petra L. ,before me, said almost all that I wanted to say. The Color Of Mummy is a "Pretty" piece & preforms so very well & smooth. Already had the chance to show it off and the response was what one would hope for. My "New Favorite" too. Okay KB, my challenge to you is to keep it rolling. MORE 3D MAGIC!

  2. Steven

    Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better, Kent comes out with THE COLOR OF MUMMY. I haven’t the words to properly describe just how sensational it really is...

    Absolutely fantastic in every way! Only a genius could create such magic!!

    A bonus miracle is the way he wraps the pieces so very carefully. Professional from beginning to end. Hard to believe actually!

    So, do yourself a favor and order one of these. While you are at it, order a couple more like SEREN-SNIP-ITY, ASTRA BALL, and/or any other. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

    Congrats to Kent on his latest masterpiece...

  3. Petra L.
    Petra L.

    OMGosh! - I have had Color of Mummy for just over 2 hours now and have easily decided that this is my new 3d FAVORITE!

    I love the ease of presentation, the smooth patter possibilities and how it can all be simply customized to fit your style if the need be. Now, as for design, this is absolutely gorgeous. It is easy to see that a lot of time must have been spent to complete the entire set. LOVE the look of the 3d mummies.

    I have to add, ALL of the video instructions are a great tool. They have some great pointers and compliment the written instructions nicely.

    Well done Kent! Please keep the 3d magic coming.

  4. Madison

    Color of Mummy is one of Kent’s best pieces yet! The method is simple, the working is smooth, the presentation is engaging, and the design is to die for! Kent has hit the ball out of the park with this one. It has fooled everyone I’ve shown it to. Laymen are eating it up! They love the premise and the look and they are clueless to the workings. You’re going to regret not getting one.

    P.S. The mummy is about 2 inches long, and yet somehow Kent has managed to get an EXTRAORDINARY amount of detail into it. I have no clue how he got so much detail out of something that is so small AND 3D Printed, but he’s managed it. I think Kent is the master of 3D printing.

  5. Jerry

    First timer with 3D Magic Works and just ordered more. Like others have said, very unique, new and fun magic to perform. I read "Fresh" in an earlier post here, a perfect word for these 3D marvels.