What Others Are Saying

  1. John

    I have now purchased 7 items, and love them all. I can't stop playing with them. They are so much fun and these are built to last.

  2. Steven

    And the hits keep coming! Every new delivery is a real treat. 3D Magic Works has become my main source for great new magic to enjoy.

  3. J Weller
    J Weller

    I started my 3D Magic collection with Card Punch, so glad I did. I went back in time to add many of the earlier pieces and I couldn't be more thrilled. I just returned home to a wonderful surprise, Trapped.

    Kent, like the others are saying, I love Trapped. How it works and the beauty of this one, it is second to none. Thank you, cant wait for part 2. I too am also in for the whole trilogy.

  4. Justin(Credible)

    Oh Baby ! Here I thought Color of Mummy was my new favorite, my how 2 months changes this addict's mind. TRAPPED is my new favorite (my wife's too). Yes, the first step is admitting your addiction, I am addicted to 3D Magic Works magic.

    Thank you Kent, TRAPPED is "Just-In-Credible" (see what I did there).

  5. KevinC

    KB you did it again. 3 words for you "WOW, WOW & WOW" ! Great job on Trapped, really looking forward to part 2 of the dragon trilogy, count me in.