What Others Are Saying

  1. Justin(Credible)

    Oh Baby ! Here I thought Color of Mummy was my new favorite, my how 2 months changes this addict's mind. TRAPPED is my new favorite (my wife's too). Yes, the first step is admitting your addiction, I am addicted to 3D Magic Works magic.

    Thank you Kent, TRAPPED is "Just-In-Credible" (see what I did there).

  2. KevinC

    KB you did it again. 3 words for you "WOW, WOW & WOW" ! Great job on Trapped, really looking forward to part 2 of the dragon trilogy, count me in.

  3. Greg

    Ok Kent,I received my Trapped today. I cannot tell you how beautiful this piece is, and the working is flawless. This item is a piece of art. I cannot believe this is a printed piece the detail on every piece of this thing is unbelievable. Can’t wait for your next release.

  4. JCole

    Thought I be first but Petra L. beat me to it. I too love Trapped, very nicely done. One thing to add, you are always consistent on your packing. I really appreciate the effort in making sure all arrives in a safe and classy manner.

  5. Petra L.
    Petra L.

    I just received Trapped this morning, this is an amazingly beautiful item in appearance and in working. I am so impressed with how Kent (in my opinion) continuously delivers. Love Trapped! Thank You

    I would like to also mention, I don't think anyone is as thorough in making sure the end user is informed how a trick works as Kent is. Not only are the written instructions complete and detailed beyond most others, he also offers the video instructions (Vidstructions) on the 3D website. Just more reasons to look forward to the next new release. Not that I need any more reasons.