What Others Are Saying

  1. Petra L.
    Petra L.

    I look at my new First Class and this is an incredible 3D Magic creation. I bothered Kent one day during his time producing this one to ask some questions. When I hung up, I realized a much greater appreciation for Kent's 3d items I currently have and for all I will be receiving in the future. I have to agree with Greg's earlier post, I too am soooooooo happy I was able to get in on this one.

  2. Greg

    Yippie Kayak, I received my First Class today, and I am just astounded by this thing, not only is it a masterpiece of magic but holy you know what,this is a great effect. This is now my favorite. I am so happy I was one of the lucky ones to get this one. Keep the magic coming my friend.

  3. Steven

    I am waiting with great anticipation for the First Class LE release. Safe bet that it will be a beauty both in design and effect.

    With only 30 of them being produced, chances are they won’t last long! Only several days remain until its release. Stand by everyone...

    UPDATE 10/7/2018 : First Class SOLD OUT !

  4. Terry

    Very impressive magic lineup. I thought it was kind of neat when I first seen the website. Then I received my first 3D Magic piece in hand and "neat" instantly changed to "remarkable".

  5. B Z
    B Z

    Received my first 3D magic piece today. I got Trapped and absolutely love this beauty. I have other effects like this, but this is by far the most detailed and, as far as I know, possibly the smallest quality version available. Just ordered The Color of Mummy to add to my new 3D magic collection and very interested in what First Class will be.