What Others Are Saying

  1. Terry

    Very impressive magic lineup. I thought it was kind of neat when I first seen the website. Then I received my first 3D Magic piece in hand and "neat" instantly changed to "remarkable".

  2. B Z
    B Z

    Received my first 3D magic piece today. I got Trapped and absolutely love this beauty. I have other effects like this, but this is by far the most detailed and, as far as I know, possibly the smallest quality version available. Just ordered The Color of Mummy to add to my new 3D magic collection and very interested in what First Class will be.

  3. John

    I have now purchased 7 items, and love them all. I can't stop playing with them. They are so much fun and these are built to last.

  4. Steven

    And the hits keep coming! Every new delivery is a real treat. 3D Magic Works has become my main source for great new magic to enjoy.

  5. J Weller
    J Weller

    I started my 3D Magic collection with Card Punch, so glad I did. I went back in time to add many of the earlier pieces and I couldn't be more thrilled. I just returned home to a wonderful surprise, Trapped.

    Kent, like the others are saying, I love Trapped. How it works and the beauty of this one, it is second to none. Thank you, cant wait for part 2. I too am also in for the whole trilogy.