What Others Are Saying

  1. matt d.
    matt d.

    Just need to say that "Trained" is now my new favorite. This just works and the continuing story from "Trapped" makes it that much more fun to perform. Can't wait for part 3.

    Loop de Loop is a fun one to just bring with and leave 'em scratching their heads. Those in magic know the classic, but this is a fun piece with a protective case for easy transport.

    Thank you again Kent, for always being available to my pestering questions and for the great magic. I am a 3D Magic Works customer for life.

  2. Landis

    I have to admit, I have been absent for about 6 months and I noticed Ken has retired a number of pieces and continues to do so. I missed out on one (that's on me), but figured I best get the others I don't have now. I know I don't want to miss out on another. May I request an announcement of retirement :) ? Please? I would hate to miss out on another.

    UPDATE 01/18/2018 :
    Received a very nice, polite & professional response from Kent in regards to the retired pieces process. Thank you Kent.

  3. JCole

    I have had the chance to go over and self perform First Class several times before I went live. I can only echo what others have said. "WOW", this is a huge, magical accomplishment that Kent has designed and produced. Like everyone else that has received 1 of the 30 limited edition pieces, I am extremely honored and, obviously, very happy to be one of the few. Thank you Kent, and please, keep the 3D magic alive and thriving.

  4. Steven

    The amount of time, effort, creativity, and patience it took for Kent to produce his limited edition FIRST CLASS is incalculable! A magical masterpiece!!

    And I thought that Dr. Frankenstein’s creation was an accomplishment. That was nothing compared to this...

  5. Justin(Credible)

    Finally found time to sit down, open and go over my latest acquisition from 3D Magic Works. Oh Boy! First Class is an unbelievable addition to my 3D collection. I knew by the description that this was a bigger set, but until you see it in person, WOW! The amount of work and thought put into First Class is nothing short of brilliant. I am honored to be able to get one of the 30 available and look forward to many new releases (including limited editions) from Kent for a long time.