What Others Are Saying

  1. JGaspari

    I mostly collect/purchase hand crafted wooden effects and took a chance. I only purchased because of how different this seems to be and I was curious. I have to say, after receiving what I actually thought would be my only order, I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be looking at a few other items and checking back regularly.

  2. MacManus

    Just placed first order only because I read on another forum who is behind it, Thought I recognized something. Can't wait.

  3. Magic Mark
    Magic Mark

    Love the idea, love the look, love what I've seen.
    Thank you for the quick ship and different magic.
    Like Geno said - I'll be back soon, too :)

  4. P.J.

    I have a 3D printer and can appreciate what I see here and what I received. I purchased Framed and thought if I tried to print that it would take several days because of filament not sticking to the print bed and having to throw away almost 30% of all I print because of errors or misprints. I hope 3D Magic Works can grab some interest because I, for one, am really excited to see this new kind of magic.

  5. Landis

    Very cool & unique! I'm an impatient magic buyer, when I buy something online I want it right away. When I saw a few days to produce I almost passed, glad I didnt and now understand why the days are needed. Thanks Kent