What Others Are Saying

  1. Anthony

    I am in awe over the wonderful new 3d magic tricks I just added to my collection. I always get a big smile when I see that white box delivered.

    Thank you Kent

  2. Petra L.
    Petra L.

    I have both Set in Stone & Chip Shot in hand today. Kent, you have created two lovely pieces. I know you were kind enough to talk to me about these, but you left out about 99% of the specifics and details, what a fantastic surprise. All in all, I LOVE Set in Stone & Chip Shot! Thanks for your friendship and for your magic, so grateful for both.

  3. C.P.

    Long time 3D Magic Works customer, first time 3D Magic Works comment.

    Mail just delivered a great package today, Set In Stone and Chip Shot just arrived and I have just one word to say "Holy Cow !" - so I can't count, but I know great magic when I see it. I have 2 new items that are not only great magic pieces but are works of art. I can't even imagine the time involved to design, make and put together all the props here.

    Set In Stone: Like Madison said in the demo I agree with, this is one of 3D Magic Works best. The method is nowhere near what I was thinking, and I would of never thought of how this one works. The design is so unique, compact, different and beautiful. Get this one and you will not regret it.

    Chip Shot: Just looking at the precision and the number of individual parts in this one, and it just boggles my mind. Madison put together a more than 20 minute video instruction that really helps to make this a fun close-up miracle. I have already come up with my own routine in the couple hours I have had this. This is truly a great set with so much potential.

    Both of these new items are housed in very handsome storage boxes with lovely decorations.

    I would say, on a scale of 1 to 5, Set In Stone and Chip Shot are a 10. Thank you Kent, please keep it going.

  4. Richard Battagliola
    Richard Battagliola

    I have a few 3Dtricks. I just ordered Trained .can not wait to get it.Kent is a very nice guy to deal with.

  5. Steven

    So I am now in possession of Trained and Loop de Loop and, as usual, the Kentster has created two more masterpieces.

    I am doing some practice (certainly doesn’t need much) with Loop de Loop today so I can begin to carry it around in my pocket and perform it for anyone willing to watch.

    Hopefully, it won’t be long before Kent announces his next releases. I’m in!