What Others Are Saying

  1. matt d.
    matt d.

    Hey yo! Ho! Ho!
    Got my Christmas present to myself today.
    What the Hole, Colorwise, Coin Thru & 4Square.
    Thank you Kent, love all of them.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thomas K
    Thomas K

    Happy Holidays to 3D Magic Works.
    Love the items, thank you sooooooo much.
    The perfect gift to myself..
    Be back soon.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR ! 2017

  3. Hanh

    Really? When? You are back....
    I'm glad I read the forums.
    Just ordered WTH and 4S
    Glad you are back Buddy! 5-3/4

  4. Doug M
    Doug M

    I just found out you are back from the Cafe.
    Just ordered and cant wait to get my newest 3d magic items
    Glad you back Kent

  5. Geri J
    Geri J

    I have never had what happened to me today, happen before - EVER!
    I emailed Kent last week Friday to let him know that my orange octagonal chip from ColorWise was stolen by my cat (yes, for real) and batted down my heating duct. I asked what it would cost to replace and Kent said he would get back to me. I hadn't heard anything since, and then I received in the mail today (Tuesday) a replacement orange chip with an extra orange shape with only a Post-It note that read "This One is for the Cat" . Because he just sent it to me without any fuss, or telling me, I just sent him $ (PayPal) to cover shipping (without telling him). Thank You Kent