What Others Are Saying

  1. NPH

    3D Magic Works, Really! 3D printed magic trick, are you kidding me? This has got to be the coolest thing evvvver! Wait for it - - - LOVE IT!

    Kent you were awesome, thanks for calling (at my request) and talking about your line. I support you and love all I ordered, like you, I carry ColorWise everywhere I go.

    Maybe I have an idea or two for ya :) , who knows?

  2. patrick s.
    patrick s.

    impressed with the quality of items and quick friendly and professional replies to my pre-purchase questions

  3. Justin(Credible)

    My brother told me about the 3D Magic Works site and I have to say these items really do look (just what others have been saying) different and unique. I just purchased 4 items today and look forward in receiving what i hope is the first of many orders.

  4. Joey Bag O' Magic
    Joey Bag O' Magic

    Kent, Love! Love! Love! "At First Sight", I'm glad you answered all my questions and yet never gave it away. The reactions I thought wouldn't exist are unreal. Simplicity is absolutely the best in Magic. "Eye See" is now my carry everywhere along with "Colorwise". Please continue to bring out unique magic in this wonderful medium and I won't stop supporting. Love it!

  5. "Boo" Nguyen
    "Boo" Nguyen

    I just received my first order and have to say this is different from any magic items I have ever seen. I really like 3D Magic Works Magic, I just place order number 2 and looks forward to getting it.