What Others Are Saying

  1. Greg

    Received my package of Astra Ball & Seren-snip-ity, and all I can say is Kent, you have hit a home run with these two pieces. They have a great feel to them, and they work sure fire every time,cannot wait for more stuff from you thanks.

  2. Randy K.
    Randy K.

    I was anxiously awaiting for the mail to come yesterday as I knew (through an email) to be expecting it from 3D Magic. Go figure, my mailman had a sub and was 4 hours later than the usual time. Anyways, I received Serensnipity and Astra Ball and WOW! My two new favorites, love, love love them. Keep it up 3D Magic, I want more :)

  3. GeorgeG

    Delivered today were AstraBall and Seren-snip-ity and these are very impressive pieces, clearly taking 3D Magic to the next level of sophisticated magic apparatus.

  4. MacManus

    With AstraBall and Serensnipity, I will now be up to date with everything 3D Magic has made. Please keep it rolling and don't stop. Love it!

  5. Steven

    Just ordered Astra Ball and am very excited about this latest release! Everything I have received so far has been a hit. Keep producing and I'll keep ordering. Great stuff!!!