What Others Are Saying

  1. Doug King
    Doug King

    I've known Kent since his Z-Wood days. His craftsmanship is masterful; his concepts are ingenious; his work is precise and perfectionistic -- more, he's one of the friendliest guys you'll find in magic. I love his new 3D look. I may be biased, since I suggested the effect and added thoughts to the creation, but the HIP 'N HOP 'N SPOTS is the cutest little trick created!!!!!

  2. Greg

    Kent you never cease to amaze me. Your three newest items are unbelievable. I cannot stop playing with On - Line. My friend I cannot say thank you enough for making such wonderful magic. These three will be in the front of my curio cabinet for sure. Looking forward to more of your stuff.

  3. Terry

    Kent - Really? this is not what I thought at all. I thought I had OnLine figured out. Goes to show why you do what you do and I do what I do, you make it and I buy it LOL! Great job! Love it!

  4. jim w
    jim w

    i found my astraball order in my mailbox last week and what a great mini piece of close-up magic. nicely done. it figures, a week after i ordered this you released three new items. now i get to anticipate my next package seeing i just ordered the three new items, keep those printers printing =)

  5. Roméo

    Très beau objet que propose Kent. Je suis également très heureux que Kent a accepter ma nouvelle technique pour Astra ball.
    Heureux de pouvoir recevoir d'autre objet de Kent.
    Meo de Suisse