What Others Are Saying

  1. Anthony

    I just received my 1st order and have to echo what has been said before me, what a great experience. Not only are these 3D printed magic pieces neat to look at, they are actually fun pieces to perform. I am a late starter and new to the whole magic thing, and was amazed at how quickly Kent responded to all my presale pestering questions while always remaining so professional and polite in his response. I ordered right before the preorder changes, so now I hope to get in on a few more pieces in the next couple weeks. I am hooked!

  2. Brian U
    Brian U

    I'm not a magician.. I'm a hobbyist, who performs for co-workers 1:1 or for grandkids, sometimes teaching the older grandkids a few illusions. That in no way implies that these are children's playthings, or simple tricks. These are well crafted illusions, that I'm sure magicians will appreciate even more than I do.

    I really have enjoyed my experience with Kent and his products. He and I have exchanged several emails, and he is always prompt in his repsonses.

    There are a few of these illusions where a "magician move" is needed, but so many of these are self-working. To add to the brilliance of these well designed, robust products, there is a vidstructions section, which allows even a hobbyist such as myself to understand the setup and workings of the illusion, and even includes some tips for performance.

    These are great products, backed by great people, and a well thought out web site.

    I have to date purchased 18 of these, and would highly recommend each one.

  3. Steven

    Thanks to the new purchasing policy, you will no longer have to wait for your order to be produced. Instead, you can order the available items and they will be shipped to you at that time. Faster so you can enjoy your purchases with a much shorter waiting period. AWESOME!

  4. JCole

    Happy New Year Kent! I was happy to see the mailman today as I recognized the box he was carrying up the sidewalk. First off, I have to say, you certainly make sure things arrive safely. As anyone knows when they receive a package from you, you must keep the packing tape people in business. OK back to the magic, love my new arrivals. Online, Colorwise (you were right), Frame (right again) and CPsych. As always, just so unique, easy to learn and fun to do. Cant wait to see what you have in store for 3D Magic in 2018.

  5. Madison

    There is absolutely nothing negative I could possibly say about Kent and his work. Kent himself is a great guy and very kind. His 3D creations are top notch and are genuinely becoming my favorite magic in my collection. They remind me of classic Tenyo mechanical toys but all presented in a very professional way. Kent is a bit of a perfectionist and it shows in his creations. They are meticulously crafted and come together into a beautiful display of craftsmanship and creativity. Kent is a genius and so is each and every one of his creations.