What Others Are Saying

  1. Brian

    When you purchase a product from 3D Magic Works, you are not just getting some filament 3D printed into something magical, you also get Kent.

    I was recently having trouble with Chip Shot. I'm no magician, just a hobbyist, so I thought perhaps it was something I was doing incorrectly. I made a video and sent it to Kent, and he spotted the issue, and sent out a replacement part.

    You can rest assured that your purchase with this company is fully warranted and satisfaction guaranteed. I really just can't say enough good things about Kent, his company and his products.

  2. GeorgeG

    Just received “Set in Stone” and along with the most recent releases, especially “First Class”, Kent is looking to be the “Taytelbaum” of our times with his 3D printed marvels. It just keeps getting better with each new release...simply amazing!

  3. Kirk

    I now own 15 3D Magic Works pieces and I love each and every one!

    The themed pieces like “Set in Stone,” “Trained,” “Trapped,” “The Color of Mummy,” and “First Class” are absolute works of art.

    All of Kent’s magic is very well thought out, very well designed and in my opinion, just about tops any other magic like it being released today!

    If you haven’t made a 3D Magic Works purchase yet, stop waiting and take the plunge. You’ll be glad you did! :-)

  4. Steven

    SET IN STONE is my new favorite 3D by Kent creation! That being said, several others are close behind and all of Kent’s 3D catalog are excellent so you can’t miss.

    You will get a really great creation or a really really great creation. Not a bad seed in the bunch!

    Thanks Kent for contributing to the entertainment of this magic lover...

  5. Jerry

    I am absolutely floored with the method and looks of "Set in Stone".

    Thought I knew how this worked, boy was I way off! Glad I was way off, this is so much more fun (and deceiving) this way. Great job on a great trick!