About 3D Magic Works

Over the past few years, 3D printing has made a significant impact in our everyday lives.  From prototype to completion, medical to education and from planning to playing, 3D printing has become such an important tool within so many different industries worlwide. 

The world magic community has always been able to benefit greatly from using the latest and greatest technology available in creating magic effects.  3D Magic Works is doing just that by putting 3D printing technology to use in creating and producing unique close-up magic items with our own designs and 3D printers.  With the exception of a few accessories(string, metal pin, dice, etc) that come with some of the magic items, every piece is printed on 3D Magic Work's inhouse 3D printers and will include detailed instructions.

3D Magic Works offers a variety of precisely created 3D printed magic pieces uniquely and exclusively made in the United States of America.

We take great pride in our finished product and always welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.  Please keep in mind, because of the nature of 3D printing and the filaments used, finished pieces will show some minor inperfections which will not deter from the effect or functions, but instead, add to the uniqueness of each and every piece.  If you have a need to contact us, please feel free to do so, simply Click Here for the "Contact Us" form.

Our customers are number one, we take great measures in securing our customers personal information.  The entire 3DMagicWorks.com site is SSL protected and all payments are processed through PayPal so 3D Magic Works does not store any sensitive financial information of our customers.  If you have a need to contact us about our customers privacy or security, please feel free to do so, simply Click Here for the "Contact Us" form.

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