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The Red Dragon has been "Trapped" and now faces the grueling task of being "Trained" by the wizard and the two training dragons; "Green" and "Blue". 

The performer presents a beautiful gray marble looking round table with wood inlay top and an ornate black granite looking cover, with a opening at both ends so access is available from both the top and the bottom of the cover.  This black ornate cover fits over a stand which is permanently attached to the center of the table.  Alongside the stand, a gray marble looking, ornate box with a sliding drawer is also presented.

The performer slides out the drawer of the gray drawer box to reveal three dragon blocks, the Red Dragon, the Green Dragon and the Blue Dragon.  The three dragon blocks are removed from the drawer and laid out on the table.

Next, the performer removes the black cover from the round table to reveal a dragon training stand.  The table may be rotated to openly show that the stand is completely empty.  The cover is placed back over the stand and the drawer returned to the gray drawer box.

It is explained that in order for the dragon to fulfill the duties they are captured for, they must be "Trained" to obey their new master.  This is not a difficult training and if "Red" can complete the training without any issues, he will be ready to serve.  The performer pick up and inserts blue into the top of the black cover, "blue" is heard dropping to the base of the training stand.  Next, "Green" is inserted through the top opening of the cover followed by "Red".   This is a simple task of simple order, right?  "Blue" on the bottom, "Green" in the middle and "Red" on top.  Well . . . "Red" is not too fond of the whole training thing.  The performer removes the black cover to reveal the order of the dragons is "Red" at the bottom, "Blue" in the middle and "Green" at the top.  Not exactly what the wizard wanted.  The performer removes the dragon blocks from the stand and lays them on the table.

The performer tries another simple task to make it even easier for "Red".  Before the cover is replaced over the stand, the performer puts "Green" into the stand by itself.  The black cover is once again placed over the stand and the performer picks up and inserts "Blue" through the top of the stand followed by "Red".  This should be simple, the order is ""Green" on the bottom, "Blue" in the middle and "Red" on top.  The performer removes the cover once again to show that "Red" just refuses to cooperate.  The order is "Green" on bottom, "Red"in the middle and "Blue on top.

The wizard, frustrated at this point, sends all three dragons back to their quarters (the drawer).  The performer actually allows the spectator to select which dragon is placed in the drawer first, second and last.  Once all three dragon blocks are placed into the drawer, the performer slides the drawer into the gray drawer box.  The performer then covers the empty training stand with the black cover.  The performer then explains it will take much more training in order for "Red" to be trusted for the duties he was captured for.  The performer lifts the cover to show the empty training stand and explains that this was not a difficult task, the performer then lets go to cover the stand again.  The performer then brings forward the drawer box and slides open the drawer while explaining that all that "Red" needs to do is listen and do as told . . . the performer looks at the dragons only to see that "Red" has vanished.  Perplexed by the situation, the performer lifts off the cover of the training stand to reveal that "Red" has somehow returned to the training stand all by himself. 

The wizard is satisfied, he feels that "Red" is now obedient and ambitious to be "Trained" . . . or is he?

The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood.   The black sparkle pieces are printed with specialty filament created for a granite appearance.  The gray pieces are printed with a specialty filament created for a marble appearance.

~ Quarter is shown in second to last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.

~ Last picture is for size comparison of Trapped and Trained (Trapped is sold separately)

"Thank You!"  Madison Hagler for your

original presentation of "Trained"

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