Outside-In Boxes

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The performer presents a purple box upon a stand.  The top of the purple box is removed to reveal that there is a black box inside of the purple box.  The black box is removed and is set to the side and the bottom of the purple box is then removed from the stand and the purple top is placed back on the purple bottom.  The performer slides the two whole boxes next to each other to show that the purple box and the black box are the exact same size in every way.  The performer then separates the black box and places the bottom half on the stand.  Next, the performer takes the whole purple box and places it inside the bottom of the black box.  The top of the black box is then placed on top to secure the purple box inside of the whole black box now.  The whole black box that was once inside of the whole purple box now holds the whole purple box inside of it . . . the outside box is now the inside box.  The fun part is watching the spectators face as they try to figure this one out.

There are many versions of this puzzling effect (Gozinta Boxes) originally created by Lubor Fiedler,  the 3DMW original idea/addition of a stand/base really helps in pushing the effect of two exact same sized boxes being able to fit inside of one another.

The light brown stand/base is 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood.

~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.

A presentation by Mr. Madison Hagler

of an original routine of "Outside-In Boxes"

See Mr. Hagler's  "Outside-In Boxes" demo below.


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