"On-Line" has been retired and is no longer available as originally released. 

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The performer presents a large stand with a majestic cover (holes and slits on opposite sides). Found on the stand are two golden colored posts with a red cord permanently attached between them.   The very top portion/lid of the cover is removed to reveal two plastic chips with holes through them.  One of the chips is a bronze circle with a round hole through it and the other is a purple square with a square hole though it.  The two chips are placed on the table in front of the stand and the two golden posts (with the red cord) are removed and placed to the side of the stand.  The top of the cover has a slot in it which the performer can casually show by lifting up the cover and showing the inside.  The performer than places the cover back on the stand and demonstrates, with either chip, that when the chip is dropped through the slot at the top, it will fall through the cover and land on the base.  The cover is removed from the stand to reveal the chip laying on the stand.  The chip is removed from the stand and placed next to the other chip on the table and the cover replaced back onto the stand.

Next, the spectator is asked to select either the bronze circle or the purple square, the shape the spectator chooses is used (no force).  The two posts, with the cord attached, are picked up by the performer and one of the posts are threaded through the hole on one side of the box and out the opposite side hole.  The two posts are then inserted into the the two angled holes on the stand which makes the cord taut through the holes of the cover.  The performer then picks up the shape, that the spectator selected, removes the lid of the cove and drops the selected chip through the slot at the top of the cover.  the performer then lifts the cover up to reveal that the selected shape has penetrated the cord is now threaded On-Line.  The performer can once again casually show the inside of the cover before replacing it back on the stand.

*Please Note: Square and Circle ring colors may vary.

The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood. 

~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.

A Special "Thank You" to Mr. Madison Hagler

for his demonstration of "On-Line"

See Mr. Hagler's "On-Line" domo below.


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