Loop de Loop

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A unique looking apparatus/box is removed (slid) out from an ornate, slip cover style box.  The box is shown to have a opening/slot on one long side of the box, a large open area (that one can see through the box from front to back) and cross bar (with six smaller holes) running across the front open area of the box.

Inside of the box is a plaque which is removed, from the slot of the box, to show it also has six holes that match up with the six holes in the cross bar when placed inside of the box.

The performer places the plaque into the box so the spectator can see that all of the holes line up.  The performer then brings forward a shoelace and inserts it through the first hole in the crossbar of the box, through the first matching hole in the plaque.  The shoelace is pulled through the holes and out the open area on the backside of the box.  The performer turns the box around to show to the spectator that the shoelace does go completely through.  

The performer then continues to lace the shoelace through all of the holes in the crossbar and the plaque in order to tie/bind the two together.  Once the shoelace has been completely laced through all of the holes of both, the performer asks the spectator to hold their hand out open, palm side up.  The performer turns the box upside down over the spectators open hand but nothing happens.  The plaque is certainly bound in place.  The performer thinks for a second and then simply snaps his/her fingers and at that instant, the plaque penetrates the shoelace and falls freely into the spectator's open hand.

A convenient, compact, close-up wonder.  Easy to perform and truly baffling to those unknowing. 

The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood.   The gray and blue pieces are printed with a specialty filament created for a marble appearance.

~ Quarter is shown in second to last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.

~ Loop de Loop is a 3DMW version of the Ed Massey timeless classic.

A big "Thank You!"  to Madison Hagler for his

original presentation of "Loop de Loop"

See Mr. Hagler's demo of "Loop de Loop" below.


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