Dom Spots

"Dom Spots" has been retired and is no longer available as originally released. 
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The performer brings forward an ornate box and removes the lid to reveal a domino which has no spots, but instead, holes where the spots should be and red pegs that will be used by the spectator to design a domino.  The pegs are shown to fit within any of the holes on the domino.  The performer asks the spectator to use all of the pegs and separate them into two piles.  The spectator can put any number of pegs into both piles (no force).   Once the spectator is finished placing the pegs into two separate piles, the performer than asks the spectator if he/she would like to make any changes.  Once the spectator is satisfied with the two piles, the performer than uses the two peg piles (created by the spectator) to create a domino, one pile represents one of the spot ends of the domino and the other pile represents the other spot end.  The performer states that he/she knew all along what domino the spectator would create with the pegs, the performer states that he/she had made a prediction and that it is on the back side of the very domino the spectator just created.  The performer turns the domino over to reveal that his/her prediction is exactly as the spectator created.  The spectator, obviously unimpressed by this, points out that the pegs go through the domino and of course the back side would be the exact same.  The performer, un-phased by the spectators observation, reveals from within the box, which had been in view the whole time, and untouched by the performer until this point, his/her prediction that matched what the spectator had just created with the pegs . . . now thats an impressive prediction.

 The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood.

~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.

"Thank You!" to Mr. Madison Hagler for his

original routine & handling of "Dom Spots" 

See Mr. Hagler's demo of "Dom Spots" below.


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