Astra Ball

"Astra Ball" has been retired and is no longer available as originally released. 

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- 3DMW Presents "Astra Ball" by Méo - 

The performer brings forward a stand with a futuristic looking drawer box along with a separate, smaller box ... both boxes having matching outer emblems.  The performer removes the drawer box from the stand and slides it open to reveal the inside.  Inside is found a small silver goblet and a small, ringed ball . . . this is the "Astra Ball".  The silver goblet and the "Astra Ball" are separated inside of the drawer box by a solid partition. 

The performer continues with his/her demonstration as to why the "Astra Ball" is so unique, the performer slides shut the drawer box and opens it again to reveal that the "Astra Ball" has mysteriously gone from one side of the solid partition to the other side and now rests inside of the silver goblet.  The performer then physically returns the  "Astra Ball" back to its original side of the partition and places the box into the stand or onto the table to demonstrate that there was no tilting of the box or other funny moves.  The drawer and the box are now perfectly vertical and the performer closes the drawer box and immediately reopens to show the "Astra Ball" has once again found it's way into the silver goblet.

The performer hands the drawer box and the "Astra Ball" to the spectator and it is quickly realized that the spectator is unable to duplicate what the performer has accomplished.  The "Astra Ball" will not move for the spectator.

The smaller box with the black band contains a matching silver goblet and 3 additional "Astra Balls" (being smaller, these kind of things have a tendency to "run away" and go missing).  With these extra pieces, it is possible to perform a Devil's Cabinet type routine or create an all new routine entirely.

The  brown and light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood. 

~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.

See Meo Buchs demo of "Astra Ball" below.

- The idea to have this version of "Astra Ball" designed by 3D Magic Works was presented by Mr. Romeo Buchs (Méo). 

Once again, "Thank You!" to Mr. Madison Hagler

for his original routine & handling of "Astra Ball"

See Mr. Hagler's demo of "Astra Ball" below.


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