Store Policy

Returns will NOT be Accepted Without Prior Authorization.

As you probably realize, when a magic effect is sold, the secret to the effect is being revealed to the purchaser. Once the secret has been learned, it obviously cannot be simply returned.  In fairness to others who have purchased magic effects from us, we are obligated to protect the inner working of all the effects we sell.  

Please keep in mind, because of the nature of 3D printing and the filaments used, finished pieces will show some minor inperfections which will not deter from the effect or functions, but instead, add to the uniqueness of each piece.  

Returns will not be accepted except in extreme cases in which you have received PRIOR AUTHORIZATION from 3D Magic Works.  Any un-authorized returns will be refused and returned to the sender.

3D Magic Works does it’s very best to not misrepresent any item we sell.  3D Magic Works strives to offer a high level of customer satisfaction. However, ultimate responsibility for purchases rests with the customer.  It goes without saying, no one knows your magic aspirations as well as you do. Because of the aforementioned,  3D Magic Works kindly asks that you consider your purchases carefully. There are NO RETURNS.