Mini U-Card Box

"Min U-Card Box" has been retired and is no longer available as originally released. 
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The performer brings forward a ornate card box and removes the lid, placing the lid upside down on the table so it can be clearly seen that nothing is hidden in the lid.  Two mini bicycle decks of cards (one red deck and one blue deck) are shown inside the box.  The performer then removes the two boxed decks of cards and replaces the lid of the card box and sets the box to the side.  The performer has the spectator select one of the decks to use while the performer will use the other.  The performer shows both decks of cards, front and back, to show they are all different cards in each.  The performer and spectator both hold their decks in a dealing position.  The spectator is asked to deal as many cards down into a single pile as desired, the performer matches the spectator with his deck of cards . . . card for card.  When the spectator stops, both performer and spectator place the remainder of unused cards to the side.  The respective dealt piles are squared up and picked up by the spectator and performer.  The spectator is instructed to now deal one at a time into two face down piles until the cards are all dealt, the performer will also mirror his dealt piles with his cards.  Once the piles are dealt, the performer asks the spectator to select one of his piles.  The other pile and the corresponding dealers pile are then removed.  The top card from both the remaining spectator pile and the remaining performer piles are slid face down in front of the card box and all remainder cards discarded to the side with the others.  The spectator is asked to flip over his card, the performer then says if all worked out, the performers card will match.  The performer turns his card over only to reveal a message that the cards are not a match and to look inside the box.  The lid of the card box is removed to now reveal one upside down card has appeared in the bottom of the box which matches the dealers colored deck. The card in the box is flipped over and shown to be a perfect match to the spectators card.

Mini U-Card Box  . . ."U" is for Utility.  This is a great piece that can be used for so many different things.   Supplied with the Mini U-Card Box is the one previous stated routine that will spark different ideas you may come up with to use this box in different ways. 

The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood.

The mini red and blue Bicycle decks of cards are included with this set.

~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.


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