Lil Chop Cup

"Lil Chop Cup" has been retired and is no longer available as originally released. 
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This is a standard Chop Cup, but in miniature . . .it is a Lil Chop Cup.  The performer can perform the standard Chop Cup routine in addition to several other routines that would not be possible with a larger cup.  The Lil Chop Cup is fantastic for those performers who wish to perform a Chop Cup routine, but find carrying a standard size Chop Cup a bit bulky.  The stand with the octagonal cover houses the Chop Cup to display in a nice classy way.  The octagonal cover is not any ordinary cover, it is actually another unique functioning Chop Cup in itself, if so desired.  The cover and stand are also used for the standard routine which is included with the Lil Chop Cup.  

Included with the Lil Chop Cup is one (1) set of three (3) custom made steel and para-cord Monkey Fist Chop Cup Balls.  Any of the balls may be used for any part of the routine. These Monkey Fist Balls are of a specific size and weight to work perfectly with the Lil Chop Cup.  These Chop Cup Balls are available in Red, Black or Purple.  When ordering the Lil Chop Cup, desired Chop Cup Ball color must be selected.  

This Chop Cup stands approximately 1-7/8" (approx. 50 mm) tall.  Chop Cup Balls measure approximately 5/8" (approx 16 mm).

This Chop Cup set is 3D printed using different filaments that have been infused with genuine wood.

~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.


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