Break Out

"Break Out" has been retired and is no longer available as originally released. 
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The performer presents a small stand holding an ornate box (with black and orange inlay bands and two holes lined-up on opposite sides) and a magic wand.  The ornate box is removed from the stand to reveal a black and orange cube with a hole that passes all the way through.  It is now obvious that the box has one end that is open in which the colored cube fits.  In fact, the hole that passes through the cube line up perfectly with the holes on the sides of the box . . . and yes, the wand fits through the holes of the box and the cube which will "Lock Up" the cube securely.  

The performer offers the spectator to examine the wand, the cube and the box if they would like.  Next the performer demonstrates how the cube gets "Locked Up" inside of the box.  The cube is placed into the box until the holes of the cube and the box are lined up.  The wand is then inserted through the holes so all can see the ends of the wand and wand tips protruding from the side holes of the box.   The performer shakes the box so the cube can be heard so as to prove the block is NOT being trapped between the inner walls of the box.  The performer then holds the box a little bit above the table or the open hands of the spectator and pulls the wand out of the holes which in turn allows the block to become free and drop out of the box and onto the table or the spectators open hands.

Now, the performer asks the spectator "You may be asking yourself  "Why the Orange and Black?" ... Well, when one becomes incarcerated the typical garb that is issued are these trendy Orange and Black uniforms".  Hence, the box represents the jail or prison which would mean the cube represents the prisoner . . . in his/her very trendy Orange and Black garb.

The performer now puts the block back into the box and secures the block with the wand once again and the performer holds the box over the table again by the sides of the box so the opening is un-obstructed so the block would fall freely should the wand be pulled out.  "Now, if the prisoner is not freely released from jail, how else would he/she be able to do so.  They would have to Break Out"  The performer either taps the top of the box or allows the spectator to do so and the block Breaks Out of the jail and falls freely from the box onto the table with the wand never being removed or slid back and forth.

The  brown and light brown parts of this set (box and wand) are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood. 

~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.

A Shout Out to  Mr. Madison Hagler for his

original routine & handling of "Break Out"

See Mr. Hagler's demo of "Break Out" below.


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