3D Magic Works designs and prints all our magic pieces in house.  Each magic piece design starts with traditional pencil and paper.  Next, that design is converted to a digital design within a CAD (Computer-Aided Drafting) program.  Once it is finalized in the CAD program it is sent to a Slicer program which divides(or slices) that design into many layers that will be translated and sent to the 3D printer to print out the final magic piece layer by layer.


3D printing is not a quick, easy or inexpensive proccess.  With each magic piece having mutiple parts, it is time consuming to switch filament and calibrate the printer not to mention the actual time it takes for each part to be printed. With a fraction of a millimeter of filament being laid down layer by layer, some parts can take hours to complete.  As one may imagine, if a piece consists of say 10 parts, and one printer is producing this piece, it could take a whole work day, or longer, to complete the magic piece.  In order to eliminate the time it takes to print one magic piece, 3D Magic Works has several identical 3D printers running at the same time which allows us the ability to produce several pieces on any given day.  Please keep in mind, because of the nature of 3D printing and the filaments used, finished pieces will show some minor inperfections which will not deter from the effect or functions, but instead, add to the uniqueness of each and every piece.


There are many different kinds of filaments available, 3D Magic Works makes sure to use only the highest of quality filament when producing our magic items.  There are many different colors as well as different filament mixtures.  There are wood fiber and metal alloy filaments, felxable filament, glow-in-the-dark filaments, UV color changing and heat color changing filaments, etc . . . the list goes on and on.  So keep checking back to see what new items we will be coming up with using many of these different filaments.