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The performer presents the spectator(s) with 5 framed "Art of Magic" postage stamps displayed on 5 separate numbered stands, 5 silver drawer boxes (or "Incoming Mail Boxes" (IMB)), detailed with different colors (blue, green, orange, red, yellow) resting in numbered black granite (in appearance) stands, a blue marble (in appearance) drawer box, or"Outgoing Mail Box" (OMB), with a white envelope decoration on top and mounted upon a black granite stand and a silver envelope stand with 5 slots. 

The performer directs the spectator's attention to the framed postage stamps displayed on the numbered stands and asks the spectator to freely select (no force) any one of the 5 framed stamps to place in the OMB to be sent.  Let's say that the spectator chooses the rabbit in the magic hat which is set in the number 3 stand.  The performer slides open the empty drawer of the blue marble box (OMB), on the stand, places the framed rabbit in magic hat stamp into the drawer, shuts the drawer and sets the blue drawer box and number 3 stand to the side . . . still in complete view of the spectator.  The remaining 4 framed postage stamps and numbered stands are set off to the other side.

Next, the spectator's attention is directed to the 5 IMBs within the numbered, black granite stands.  The performer removes the drawer box from the number 1 stand and slides open the drawer to reveal a white envelope.  The performer removes the white envelope hands it to the spectator to place into the silver envelope stand.  The performer continues and does the same with the other 4 IMBs, removes the white envelope from each to have the spectator place those in the silver envelope stand as well.  The envelope stand with the 5 white envelopes are then set off to the side.  By removing the white envelopes from all 5 of the IMBs, the performer has ensured the spectator(s) that the IMBs are now empty.

At this point, the performer explains that just like how we place a "First Class" stamp on an envelope and place it into an outgoing mail box, it will soon (in theory) arrive at the destination address incoming mail box.  The performer brings forward the number 3 postage stamp stand and the OMB that the, chosen, framed rabbit in magic hat postage stamp was placed.   The performer pulls open the drawer to show that the framed postage stamp has vanished.  The mail must of been picked up already.  The performer now points out that the framed rabbit in magic hat postage stamp was in the number 3 stand.  This is significant as it tells us what address it was being sent to.  The performer closes the drawer of the OMB and sets it to the side out of the way. 

Now, the performer points out the number 3 on the black granite stand of one of the IMB and points out the matching number 3 on the now empty postage stamp stand in which the framed rabbit in magic hat stamp had previously been displayed.  The performer opens the drawer of the IMB, that is positioned within the number 3 black granite stand, to reveal that the framed rabbit in magic hat postage stamp, in which the spectator had freely chosen earlier, has successfully been delivered to the correct address.

The spectator is curious what may be in the other four IMB.  The performer simply slides out the drawer of the remaining 4 IMBs to reveal that there has been a colored envelope delivered to each.  The colored envelope found in each drawer matches the detail color of each of the corresponding IMBs.

"First Class" is strictly limited to only 30 numbered sets.

The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood.   The black, blue and silver sparkle pieces are printed with specialty filament created for a colored granite appearance.

The postage stamps used are genuine USPS Limited Edition "Art of Magic" postage stamps that have been individually laminated to maintain their appearance and durability.
~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.


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