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The performer presents a small ornate, black granite looking, circular box and removes the lid to reveal chips inside.  The performer dumps the three chips into his/her hand and sets the box on the table.  Next the chips are shown to have a red spot on both sides. The performer puts the three back in the box and replaces the lid. 

The spectator is asked to hold their hand out and open.  The performer holds the box over the spectator's hand and gives the box a quick, one shake.  Out of nowhere, a chip falls onto the open hand of the spectator.  The performer removes the lid of the box and dumps only two chips into the spectator's hand.  One of the chips penetrated through the bottom of the box.  The inside of the lid is shown and the inside of the box is shown . . . both are empty.

Another possible routine is the performer presents three identical chips and asks the spectator to place it inside of the box.  The lid is placed on the box and the performer asks the spectator to hold their hand out.  The performer does a quick shake and the chip falls into the spectator's open hand.  The lid is removed from the box to show the box is empty.  The chip penetrated through the box.

This set includes the storage box, the black box, two lids and 6 chips.  There are numerous possibilities that can be "conjured up" with the "Chip Shot" set. 

The chips are approximately 1.5" / 3.81 cm across by 3mm thick.

The light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood.   The black sparkle pieces are printed with specialty filament created for a granite appearance.  The gray parts are printed with a specialty filament created for a marble appearance. 

~ Quarter is shown in last picture for the purpose of size comparison only.

Thank you to Steve Payne for your suggestion & persistence which has lead to the design and production of  "Chip Shot".

Madison Hagler's  "Chip Shot" presentation

Thank You Madison!


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