All 3D Magic Works pieces are printed/produced on a "per order" basis. All orders received will be placed into a production queue, printed and then dispatched in the order they were received (please scroll down to "Produced & Shipped by" information below).  With the exception of a few accessories (string, metal pin, dice, etc) that come with some of the magic items, every piece is printed on 3D Magic Work's inhouse 3D printers and will include detailed instructions.  3D printing is not a speedy process, even with several machines running simultaneously, one complete magic effect can take up to 10 hours to complete (not including assembly).  More information on the 3D printing proccess may be found HERE.  Make sure to click on "THE MAGIC" link (above Main Menu) to see all the great 3D Magic Works pieces.

The posted "Produced & Shipped by" date (seen below & on all product pages) will change frequently based on the number of orders currently in the production queue.  Please keep in mind that only weekdays (business days) are used in determining the "Produced & Shipped by" date.

Orders placed today will be produced & shipped by:

Thursday, Dec 21, 2017


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